My friend Carl, who is an awesome poet, posted this quote by Robert Frost:


I think writing life stories is that way, too, even though we know the outcome of the particular moment we’re describing.

Sometimes, I start off with a clear goal in mind, and then something else takes over, and I go off on tangents, wind around, and end up somewhere I never expected. Funny, those stories are often my best ones.

So, for today’s writing exercise, go where your mind or the muse takes you. Set the timer for ten minutes and write whatever comes to your mind. Don’t try to tell a story or make anything fit, just let your mind overflow onto the page. Write in a stream of consciousness manner; follow willingly where your thoughts direct you, and see what happens. You might end up with a nugget you would not have discovered otherwise, or maybe, another page for the round file. Either way, it’s good. Ready? Go.

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