We’ve all had interests that turned into hobbies that turned into passions that may have even turned into obsessions. For today’s writing exercise, make a list of things you’ve really been “into.” This list may contain anything—projects, crafts, hobbies, sports, exercise, etc. The things we are most passionate about tend to contain a great many stories, some of them really funny.

Once you’ve made your list, pick one of your passions and tell its story. You may write about your introduction to this hobby. Who got you started? What did you enjoy about it? How did it impact your life? How long did this interest last? Do you still participate in this endeavor? What does it do for you?

I had many childhood obsessions—insect collecting, stuffed animals, having long, straight hair (that never worked), being a tomboy, 4-H, pigs, basset hounds. For the last few years, I’ve been into dance exercise at Dance Trance Orlando. I’m not a great dancer, but it’s so much fun; and I don’t realize I’m exercising.

Set the timer for ten minutes and write about your passions—past or present. Go.

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