January is National Soup Month. Did you know that? I didn’t, but it makes sense. Soup always makes you feel warm and cozy inside. I’m sure there have been many pots of soup boiling on stoves across the country as people try to stay warm during these recent extreme winter temperatures and storms.

This article details some of the history of soup and soup month. Read the article, then think about any soup memories you have. Did anyone in your family ever serve you chicken noodle soup when you were under the weather? What was it like? How did that make you feel? Provide concrete, sensory details to make me taste, smell, feel, hear, and see it.

What other soup stories might you have? See how many different kinds of soup you can name and what memories you can pull from them. Did you eat grilled cheese with tomato soup as a child? Where would you eat it? Who would eat it with you?

Have you had a memorable exotic tasting soup on your travels abroad? Do you have a favorite soup at a local restaurant? Is there a particular kind of soup you just can’t stand? Maybe you have a memory of a soup recipe gone wrong or an incident with spilled soup. I want to read your soup stories this National Soup Month.

Make a pot this weekend. If it’s good, share the recipe with us, too. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

photo credit: wuestenigel Gemüsesuppe Nahaufnahme via photopin (license)
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