Thank you to all who participated in the sold-out Spiritual Memoir Workshop last Friday, July 28th in Fruitland Park. During our time together, we talked about the various definitions the word spiritual offers writers, looked at the many themes and types of memoirs, and enjoyed an enlightening writing exercise.

The stories shared raised goosebumps all over my arms. Amazing! We heard about an encounter between two pilots from different countries able to let go of their Cold-War resentments, a moment of peaceful reassurance found in the faces of men who have many years of sobriety, and reflections on the cathartic process of journaling. If you’d like to read a sampling of these wonderful stories, click here.

Most importantly, many class members expressed that this workshop helped them overcome one of the biggest obstacles we face in writing—fear:

“[The workshop] helped with my fear of writing,” shared Cindy White who also learned how making lists can be an effective tool to use while drafting stories.

Others, like Phyllis Walters, realized that she could, “tell myself ‘don’t worry’ about editing as I go—just create.”

Sally Bard shared something that made my heart sing when she said, “I’m not doing too bad.”

Gwen Bennett

You all are so right! Fear can be a paralyzing beast, and this was one brave group of writers. The motto of my workshops is the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all. I use this as a reminder to myself and others because I understand how difficult it is to capture and share the power of stories we hold dear. It takes courage.

Congratulations to Gwen Bennett for winning a free video to start her writing library. She chose Story Openings, and I look forward to hearing how this video helps her take the next step in her writing journey. If you haven’t yet created your own video writing library, I encourage you to do so. To browse the wide selection of video topics available to you in Writing Your Life’s new Video On Demand program, click here.

Fruitland Park Spiritual Memoir Workshop writers, you made a great beginning last Friday. Remain aware of the wonder all around you, keep those pens moving, and write your way through the amazing life you’ve been given. I’m only a few miles away if you need my help.

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