I recently read an article about a grandson who waited over twenty years to open a letter from his grandmother. The letter, dated 1991, marked the last time his grandmother witnessed a solar eclipse. Historic moments such as this offer us great opportunities to capture treasured memories for our loved ones.

Many clients I work with need help triggering memories. Holidays and special events are great places to start, and letters are a wonderful way to preserve our stories. For example, my assistant, Catheryne, has a journal filled with letters she writes to her two sons.

August brings us another solar eclipse. I want you to think about what you would like to say to your loved ones regarding this unique event, and then write them a letter. What do you think you’ll see? Where will you go to watch the eclipse? Who will be with you? What would you like for your loved ones to think about when the next solar eclipse happens?

I hope you will enjoy the sweetness of this article. I encourage you to write a letter today and use this writing exercise to preserve the memories you hope to make.


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