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It’s not too late to sign up for the last half of the Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge.

I don’t want you to miss one more day of the fun, so here is today’s Challenge prompt. Write a response today, then post it to the Challenge website once you’ve registered. Here’s the Day Four Prompt:

Could you teach someone how to finger knit in two minutes or less? Could you teach someone how to perfectly dice an onion or how to expertly tie a bow on a package?

Today, I want you to write about what you could teach someone to do in two minutes or less. How would you teach them to do this? Who taught you to do this thing? Is this something that you do every day or once in a while? Why is it important to know how to do this?

I can’t wait to learn about your hidden expertise and talents.

Comment with your responses below, or register for the last half of the Seven-Day Writing Challenge and post it to the www.freewritingchallenge.com community to enjoy.

photo credit: marcoverch Draufsicht von Zwiebeln in einem Sack via photopin (license)
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