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My favorite aspect of the work I do is traveling to different places, sharing my love of writing, and meeting new people who possess amazing stories. I found many such men and women a couple of weeks ago near Tampa within the ranks of Bloomingdale Writers Connection.

We spent the afternoon talking about micro-memoir, life stories of 1,000 words or less. Then we practiced writing one form of the genre, six-word memoirs. Here are a few great ones:

Thrown from horse when lightning strikes.
Two sons, two weddings, one year.
Michelle Colesanti

No matter the challenge, hope remains.
Paige Snedeker

One participant who greatly inspired me was Paige Snedeker. Paige lives with a rare genetic disease, riboflavin transporter deficiency type 2. As a result of this progressive neuro-degenerative disease, she is deaf, legally blind, and has lost most of her mobility, making her dependent on a wheelchair and a breathing ventilator.

Despite these challenges, Paige showed up at the micro-memoir workshop, ready to learn. Her two interpreters signed my words for her, and later, they helped us have a little chat where I learned some amazing things about Paige.

Paige is an author, illustrator, artist, and inspirational speaker. She’s written two children’s books and teamed up with bestselling author Michelle Medlock Adams on a third. She uses acrylic paints, strainers, funnels, balloons, collage paper, Q-tips, sticks, and such to create her artwork. Her speaking topics include Anything Is Possible, True Beauty—Seeing Yourself as God Sees You, Chasing Your Dreams, How to Overcome Your Fears, among others.

Are you getting the idea that Paige impressed the heck out of me? Well, she did, and I bet she’ll do the same for you. Check her out at Since I met Paige, nothing seems too difficult anymore. Thank you, Paige, for your inspiring presence.

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