Dial up Your Dialogue—Editing Tip

Our editing tips over the next few months are part of a series called Dial up Your Dialogue, by Writing Your Life editor Teresa Bruce. Be sure to follow along each month for Teresa’s fantastic tips to energize your dialogue.

Dial up Your Dialogue, Part One

As you write and revise your work—whether you’re telling your ancestors’ stories, recalling personal anecdotes, or trying your hand at fiction—keep this in mind:

Every new speaker gets a new paragraph, no matter how short the speech.

“Timmy, I told you not to eat anything before dinner.”

“I was hungry, Mom.”

“Those weren’t for you.”

“I only ate one.”

“That was one too many, son.”

“It tasted funny. And it was hard to chew. If you were taking them to somebody else, I did you a favor by trying them first.”

“They’re for Lassie.”




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