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Disappointment or Delight

Recently, Bob and I drove to Augusta, Georgia, to see a practice round of the Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, a bucket list item for Bob. We planned to wander the gorgeous course, enjoy the pre-Master’s Tournament buzz, catch a practice round by our favorite players, and enjoy the spring weather.

Boy, were we ever out in spring weather! Remember April showers bring May flowers? Let’s just say Bob’s bucket list got full of water instead of golf—rain, lightning warnings that forced everyone to leave the grounds, and no place to park after officials shut down the muddy parking lots when the course reopened a couple hours later. We decided to cut the trip short and head for home early, opting for the highway instead of the lazy, enjoyable backroads. Not exactly the trip we had in mind, but we still felt grateful to be there.

Despite our abbreviated trip, Bob loved seeing the course, albeit wet and soggy, and we were thrilled with our overnight stay in Savannah, Georgia, on our way to Augusta. Being in Savannah was a sweet reminder of our beautiful wedding day in 2005 and the beginning of a new life together.

Share a memorabledisappointment or change of plans, either recent or from long ago.

  • What happened?
  • What were your expectations beforehand?
  • How did you respond to the change or disappointment? Consider your mood, behaviors, and interactions with others.
  • How did it all turn out? 
  • What were you grateful for as a result of or in spite of the change in plans?

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