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Writing Prompt – A Springtime Color Walk

Spring is a colorful time of year. St. Patrick’s Day’s rainbows, Easter’s brightly dyed eggs, and nature’s newly blooming flowers all have me thinking in Technicolor.

My assistant, Jessica, recently went on a nature walk with her children. They found every color of the rainbow outside as pictured to the right. This week, I want you to go on a color walk.

Choose a color before you go out on your walk and look for that color. What do you notice? What comparisons or patterns can you find? How does the weather or the light change the shade? Look closely. Notice little details. After your walk, head indoors and write about your color finds. Get creative, and have fun with this.

If you can’t go outside for a walk, look out your window and see what color stands out to you and why. Is it your favorite color? Do you have a favorite color? I want to know about your favorite color, but try to show me why it’s your favorite rather than tell me.

There are seven colors in the rainbow and seven days of the week. You could go out on a color walk every day this week and choose a different color of the rainbow to find and write about each day. Enjoy our colorful world this week. Then, share your writing below so we can all appreciate your experiences.

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