This Week’s Writing Prompt

A few weeks ago, I went to South Louisiana to clean out my mom and dad’s house, preparing to sell it. My parents built this house themselves on weekends and evenings after work in 1961. I was only five years old at the time, but I remember hammering in a few nails. They lived there for fifty-seven years until they could no longer care for themselves.

In digging through a back closet, I came across an antique mantle clock I’d never seen before. This clock must have been significant to my mom or dad, but without hearing the story, it was just an old clock. When and how did this little clock come into my parent’s possession? I’ll never know.

This situation reminded me once again how important story is. Story is what adds meaning to the everyday items in life, like the beat-up and dented, aluminum colander my mom used to wash vegetables and drain cooked spaghetti. These types of stories connect the past to the present.

What physical object or family heirloom ties together your grandparents or your parents and yourself? Describe this object in great detail and note what it has meant to generations of your family. Tell the story of how it came to be part of your family, if you know it, and where it is now.

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