This Week’s Writing Prompt

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.

– John Maxwell from “Talent Is Never Enough”


Think of a choice you made in your life that defined you.

        • What was this choice?
        • At the time, did you consider it a positive or a negative choice?
        • What were the effects of this choice?
        • Would you make the same choice today?

Write a vignette illustrating where you are in your life today as a result of your choice, and then flashback to the moment when you made this critical decision. Demonstrate any struggle you had to decide and show what happened as a result.

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As laid on the cold cot with the words of the judge going though my head. “If you do this again I don’t know what to do with you.” He was speaking of me running away from my foster home again. In a funny turn of events the judge had been a prosecutor in prior years. He procured my step father. He had a soft spot for me. Even going as far to let me choice three foster homes. But that’s not the choice that made such an impact on my life. That night I didn’t make the foxhole prayers… Read more »

A heart-warming story, well told. Thank you, Bev.

Alphabetically, albeit not chronologically, my career—four decades with the military and a variety of federal alphabet agencies—ran the geographic gamut from Afghanistan through Zimbabwe. (Spoiler alert: I survived.) In my post-retirement dotage, I’ve felt a powerful urge to grab the more interesting snatches of my memories and divulge them to my son before I lose the faculty of recall—as senescence overwhelms sentience and relegates my tales to the oubliette of Orwell’s Memory Hole. Here is my memory of the decision that sealed my fate to lock me onto the trail my life would follow:  PARRIS ISLAND—SUMMER 1966 After graduation, Gunnery Sergeant… Read more »

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