Gifts for Writers

Has anyone recently asked you what you want for the holidays? If you’re anything like me, I can never think of what I want when someone asks. If you’re in that position, here are a few specific gift ideas you can add to your wishlist asap.  Or, if you have everything you need, gift someone you love the means to write his or her life story with one or two of these suggestions:

  • Eating Like an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time – Do you want to write your life story but don’t think you have the skills or don’t know where to begin? This book will help.
  • Five-Year Journal – Record your day’s events, thoughts, feelings, and such in this sturdy, hardback-bound journal. The top of each page displays the month and day and provides six ruled, quarter-inch lines for each of the five years. Look in the newsletter for a coupon to get free shipping.
  • Writing Instruction On Demand – What if there were an inexpensive, convenient, and quick way to receive instruction on exactly what you need to learn? Would you be interested? Then Writing Instruction On Demand may be your answer.
  • Max Apple’s I Love Gootie – Read the memoir we studied in my most recent six-week writing class. Nothing helps you write like a published memoirist than reading successful memoir.
  • Essays of E.B. White – E.B. White is one of my favorites. I love “Death of a Pig” and “The Geese”
  • Get Started – Write My Story Coaching Program -Transform your wonderful memories into stories people will enjoy reading with this online coaching program.

If none of those fit the bill, check out The Writer’s Digest Holiday Gift Guide: 30+ Gifts for Writers.

Happy shopping!

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