Starting today, and every day through December 25th, I would love for you to write just one little memory you have of the holidays. Be sure to use your senses to recall specifics. Think back to your childhood and name the key people, places, traditions, foods, and songs that were, or continue to be, important to you at this time of year.

Are there any gifts you gave or received that were extra meaningful to you? What about the weather or a favorite article of clothing? Perhaps you want a food-focused list where you describe, in detail, the tastiest treats from holiday seasons past. Maybe you had one particular holiday event that will forever stick out in your mind. You could focus on one detail from that event on each of the remaining days.

You can quickly jot down a sentence on a scrap of paper or sit down at your computer and type out an entire story, if you feel inspired. Just take a moment to connect with holidays past. Feel free to comment below with your memories each day. It would be fun for us all to read them.

Please be sure to participate in this informal, final-days-of-the-holiday-season writing challenge whether or not you celebrate Christmas. I would love to hear about any and all ceremonies and traditions you have honored and held dear in your life.


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