Coaches develop, improve, and promote changes in a person’s skill set and help them identify goals. A coach is also a great source of accountability. You’ll never see this on the sidelines of the NFL, but coaches are excellent cheerleaders, motivating and challenging their students to keep going even if it’s difficult.

My memoir writing project hit the typical snags of life, leaving little time to write, so I went to my coach for help. Lezlie Laws guided me as I set new goals this past week and is holding me accountable to meet my deadlines. I have known her long enough to trust thatshe will indeed give me the push I need and cheer me on when I hit the messy middle.

I offer coaching services to writers who want extra motivation, guidance, and accountability, and I can help you map out your writing goals and create a plan to tackle them. If you need assistance in crafting your story, I share lots of tips and tools from my twenty years of writing and editing experience. Regular check-in visits ensure you’re progressing toward your goals. Email me if you need a coach to get started, and finish your writing project! You can complete that book you keep intending to write.

Now, consider where you are in life and how you arrived here. Think of a coach or mentor with whom you’ve worked at some point. Maybe it was when you were younger, practicing a sport. Perhaps it was a professional mentor who guided you through a career change. Sometimes a friend is that coach who pulls greatness out of us.

•    Share about a coach who was or is impactful in your life.

•    In what ways did this coach help you grow?

•    What were you able to accomplish with this coach’s guidance and support?

•    What might have been the results had you not worked with this coach?

Post your thoughts about coaches in the comments section below. I’d love to know more about the influential guides in your life.

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    Eileen Lancaster was most definitely my mentor. She was 25 – maybe 30 years my senior and she was what everyone wants there grandmother to be like. She and her husband, Claude, were the first friends I made in Florida. Eileen guided me through my years as a single parent. She taught me to listen, to hear and not to just react. It was through her guidance I learned the importance of tough love, and of keeping a journal. I could talk to her about anything – my job, my religion, my relationships, anything at all.

    Much of my success as a parent was because of her. Where would I have been without her? Lost! I would have been lost, and I was, when she passed away, even tough my children were grown. She was my mentor, and she was my best friend ever.

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