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He’s doing it too!

Bill Dresser

I first met Bill at a talk I gave in Ponte Vedra, Florida, a couple of years ago. He has since told me that talk provided him with answers he desperately needed.

Bill had spent a great deal of time writing his memories longhand in notebook after notebook but did not know what to do next. His longtime friend and dedicated assistant, Mattie, stepped in and transcribed all Bill’s stories into typewritten words, ready for editing.

Bill & Claudia Dresser
Bill & Claudia Dresser

Now, Bill and I are filling in details and expanding the stories to give those he loves a full portrait of his young years in Massachusetts, family life, success in business, and the many exploits of “a reasonable adventurer,” as he refers to himself.

By Bill’s side, helping out every step of the way, is his wife Claudia, an accomplished photographer and genealogist who dug deep and traced the Dresser lineage back to the 1100s as well as gathered many, many stories about the clan. Claudia has now decided to write her own book about Bill’s heritage and put all her research into print. Way to go, Claudia!

For several years, my four daughters have been asking me to write my personal history and share it with our family. A year ago I attended a workshop hosted by Vic DiGenti and Patricia Charpentier in Ponte Vedra Florida. This was my invitation to follow easy How To memoir plans. My story has now been written, and we are in the editing part of the task. Our goal is to have lots of books under the Christmas tree this December.

Writing your life story is a commitment that takes time and effort, but in the seventeen years I’ve done this work, I’m yet to hear one person regret a moment of the process. Instead, they talk about how walking back through the years gave them a better understanding of the past, provided joy in reliving the good times, created in them a greater appreciation of their life’s journey, and afforded them an invaluable sense of accomplishment.

It’s easy to get started. Grab a sheet of paper and write a memory that is vivid in your mind. Give the details, share it with someone you love, and watch the magic begin.

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