Patricia Lancaster and Vera Feyder at Rollins College for the American premiere of Feyder’s play No Deposit, No Return (Emballage perdu) in the Annie Russell Theatre in 1986.

Patricia Lancaster, retired professor of French and humanities and administrator at Rollins College, is weeks away from seeing a seventeen-year-old dream realized.

Patricia became interested in the work of Vera Feyder, French author, poet, and playwright, following the success of the Parisian’s play, Emballage perdue, in the early 1980s. She interviewed Vera not long after that, and the two became friends. In fact, Patricia just returned from visiting Vera in Paris.

Although widely known in France and Belgium and the winner of several literary awards, Vera has been virtually unknown in the United States, and none of her fiction has ever been translated into English. Vera asked Patricia to help change that, so Patricia began translating three of the author’s novellas.

It took Patricia several years to do the translation. Then life and work grew busy, and she put the project on the shelf. But when the desire to do important work lives in your heart, the dream never totally dies.

Soon, both Patricia and Vera will hold copies of O Humanity! in their hands, and I am grateful that I, through my company LifeStory Publishing, have had the great privilege of turning their dream into reality. Well done, Patricia and Vera!

Do you have a project sitting up on a shelf collecting dust? Maybe now is the time to do something with it. It’s never too late!


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