New Book: Between the Woods and the Crick by Jean DeLong

JeanAndPatriciaCongratulations to Jean DeLong on the publication of her book, Between the Woods and the Crick, which recounts the adventures of a young girl in Warren, Pennsylvania, who finds both excitement and trouble as she and her dog Spot conquer the world outside her front door.

I met Jean in a most unusual way. I’ll let her tell you about it:

I met Patricia Charpentier several years ago when a friend and I went to a book fair in Vero Beach which featured author Mike Leonard, feature writer for NBC’s Today show at the time. I especially wanted a copy of Mike’s book, The Ride of Our Lives. 

My friend and I talked with Mike as he signed my book, and I asked if he knew of any ghostwriters. Sadly he did not, so we thanked him and walked on down the street. 

Halfway down the block, I heard the sound of running feet behind me and turned to see Mike sprinting toward us. Out of breath, he exclaimed that he had just met a ghostwriter, and she was still at his booth. We walked back with him and met Patricia Charpentier. She was businesslike, articulate and friendly and gave me her card to get in touch with her about helping me write my book. I tucked her card away and later put it in a folder at home for safekeeping. 

Time passed and the card was forgotten, but the dream of writing a book was not. One day, one day I’ll do it, I kept telling myself. A year or so later while organizing my art and photo files, a little card floated out of a folder and fell to the floor. That was the sign I needed; it was time to write my book with Patricia’s help. 

Now, three years later, Between the Woods and the Crick is finished and off my mind. I did it! 

Between the Woods and the Crick Cover v4

Jean’s book is delightful, and I’m sure her experiences will bring back many memories from your childhood. I hope you will do as she did and commit those moments to paper.

To download a preview of the book or to purchase, visit our bookstore. You can visit Jean’s website directly to learn more:

Jean and many others I’ve worked with have experienced the joy of making the dream of writing a book a reality. I’d love to help you do that as well. Send me an email at and tell me your story, so we can get to work.

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