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Journal Your Travels

This Week’s Writing Prompt

Exactly how many crabs did I eat at the all-you-can-eat special in Ketchikan, Alaska? What kind of berries did we pick while hiking in Juneau? On what hole did the moose guard the pin on the tundra golf course near Denali?

I’d never be able to recall these kinds of details if it were not for my five-year journal doubling as a travel journal when we visit new places. Often when we explore another part of the world, we think we’ll remember every glorious detail. Sadly, we don’t.

Trust me. (Actually, I don’t carry my five-year journal with me when traveling for fear of losing it in transit. I use sheets of adhesive travel entries to record my experiences and then stick them onto my journal pages when I return home.)

That’s where journaling my travels becomes a treasure trove of vacations past[1]. I like to start with listing the day’s highlights, including the weather. Perhaps you tried a new kind of food or saw an animal you’ve never witnessed in the wild. Maybe you finally caught that popular Broadway show, and the ticket prices were unbelievably cheap.

Whatever stands out is fodder for your journal, and I’ve even heard of people sketching key moments of their trips with plain old stick figures. Use whatever method you prefer to capture everyday details and fleeting moments in the places you visit. You’ll be so glad you did!

Here are some ideas to get you started writing about a memorable trip. Pick one or two of the prompts and write as much as you can about a favorite destination.

  • What was your first impression of your destination?
  • Did you forget to pack anything? What did you do?
  • What surprised you on the trip?
  • Draw a local landmark or scene.
  • Close your eyes and inventory the smells and sounds.
  • Describe how people dressed for work…and play.
  • What amazing thing did you learn?
  • What new activity outside of your comfort zone did you try?
  • Did any of your perceptions or opinions change?
  • What did you miss when you returned home?

Post your responses in the comments sections below.

Oh, by the way, I ate at least six fresh Dungeness crabs in Ketchikan until they told me the bus was leaving. Bob and I picked and ate salmonberries and blueberries on our hikes throughout Alaska. We shared the seventh hole, aptly named Moose Nose, with a large male moose who looked at us and seemed to say, “Who are these crazy people playing golf at midnight even though it’s broad daylight?”

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[1]Ball, S. (2018). Travel Journal Ideas: 25 Writing Prompts to Capture Your Memories | TravelSmart Woman. [online] TravelSmart Woman. Available at: // [Accessed 14 May 2019].

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