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One of the best parts of traveling is trying new restaurants and foods. Amanda shared with me about her family’s June trip to Chicago. Half of their itinerary involved food items and restaurants her family considered must-dos. Amanda tells the story:

“One non-negotiable was trying a Chicago-style hot dog, which is loaded with neon-green relish, tomato slices, onions, yellow mustard, celery salt, and a pickle spear, all on a poppy seed roll. It was an interesting combination that proved to be quite delicious.

“Since I’d never eaten a hotdog

‘draggedt hrough the garden’ as the locals say, any mention of a Chicago hotdog today brings back memories of that night. It was mid-June, but my husband, two kids, and I were freezing. The bright lights of Wrigley Field illuminated a constant drizzle as we cheered on the Cubs in their defeat of the White Sox.

“Our plastic ponchos proved inadequate, though, leaving our clothes damp and our bones chilled. We alternated bites of the iconic hotdogs with cheers for the Cubs, especially when catcher Willson Contreras hit a grand slam. I tried to explain to my son and daughter what a big deal a grand slam is in major league baseball.

“Afterward, on the subway back to our

hotel on State Street, my daughter held her stomach and closed her eyes, saying she felt sick. I prayed she wouldn’t vomit all over the baseball fans crammed into the train. We wondered if that mysterious, green relish was to blame.”

What about you? Describe a memorable meal or food item from a vacation or trip and the story surrounding it. Use some of these prompts to help you:

  • What did you eat?
  • How did the food taste and smell?
  • Where were you? Detail your surroundings.
  • What else was happening around you as you ate?
  • What was the mood or atmosphere? Festive? Casual and relaxed? Formal and serious?
  • Who else was with you?
  • Was this meal or food item a positive or negative experience?

Share your response in the comments section below.

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My husband Jay and I were traveling with two Chinese colleagues, Bin Bin Fu and Jinxing Chou, and 13 college students in China for three weeks. One day we left the students with Jinxing and had dinner with Bin Bin’s parents in Beijing at their favorite Peking Duck restaurant. They only spoke Chinese and Russian so BinBin had to translate then entire meal. It was most delightful and the food was fabulous. But the meal I remember the most was in Sudhou, the city Jinxing grew up. We were invited to have tea and then lunch with his mother, cousins… Read more »

Phyllis Sommerman

Under a beautiful blue sky in a crisp 68 degrees, a baby downy woodpecker was learning to eat, and the nuthatches had arrived to take note. I woke this morning with the yearning to write! I love writing but decide to give a few crumbs of my time to God, and then walk down the country road before I write. On the way in the driveway from my walk, I notice the Swiss chard and beet greens in the garden. I’d better pick some before they bake from the sun. I pruned the tomato plants, cutting off the suckers hoping… Read more »