June 2018 Book Review: Patrimony

Treasured American novelist, Philip Roth, passed away a few weeks ago at the age of eighty-five. His fictional work is known for having strong autobiographical influences as well as social commentary and political satire, but he also wrote several memoirs, including Patrimony: A True Story, which tells the story of Roth’s eighty-five-year-old father, Herman Roth, and his battle with a brain tumor.

The Chicago Tribune calls Patrimony, “A deeply resonant portrait of a father and son…Roth has looked past all comfort and condolence to find the truth—about himself and his father; about death and the fear of it; and about the absolute vulnerability to which love condemns us all.”

Get to know Herman Roth–stubborn, driven, and fiery—as his son captures the ordinary dignity of his ailing father struggling to survive the tumor as well as the bureaucracy of modern medicine and the health care system. Listen to or read the NPR book review of Patrimony here.

If you read Patrimony, let me know what you think in the comments below.


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