Stories for the Fall 2020 Feedback Sessions

Group C

To avoid emailing stories back and forth, please upload on this page the story you wish to discuss this month.

Post your stories a minimum of one week in advance of the feedback session. Those seven days give you and your buddies time to read and provide helpful feedback on each others’ stories.


  1. Share your story in the comments section on this page. You can either copy and paste the text of your story in the comment box or click the paperclip icon to attach a PDF of your work. Note: it must be a PDF; Word documents are not accepted on the comment app.
  2. Print a copy of the Story Review Form (below) for each story your buddies share here.
  3. Read each story a couple of times.
  4. Complete the Story Review Form after your readings to organize your thoughts, suggestions, and questions.
  5. During the live Feedback meeting, you will share with your buddy what you wrote on the form, as well as anything new upon hearing their story read aloud.
  6. Email a copy of your completed Story Review Form to each buddy so they can keep a record of comments and suggestions related to their story.

If there are specific questions you’d like answered, or if you want your buddies to concentrate more heavily on a certain story device, e.g., dialogue, opening, title, etc., please include those requests in the comments when you attach your story. Ask for what you need to help you make your story the best it can be.

The Feedback Guidelines are available below to provide the framework of how Life Writers approaches giving and receiving feedback on written work, both via posts on the website and during feedback sessions.

Feedback Sessions

10/27 @ 6pm EDT

11/17 @ 6pm EDT

12/29 @ 6pm EDT

Need help with how to give and receive feedback?

If you’re new to giving and receiving feedback on written work, or you’d like a refresher, watch our video tutorial for a better understanding of the process.

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