This Week’s Writing Prompt

That’s a wrap! School-aged children across the country are celebrating the end of another school year in anticipation of a laid-back summer. The completion of a grade can be a bittersweet time, though, especially if a student bonded with a particular teacher. On the other hand, biding hasta la vista to a less enjoyable teacher is downright liberating.

Did you have a particularly memorable teacher? Write about your teacher in the comments section below.

  • Was this a teacher you liked or barely tolerated? Why?
  • How did he or she act toward you?
  • What was it like saying goodbye to him or her?
  • In what grade and subject did you have this teacher? Remember to include the physical location, time, and other information to anchor your story in time and space.
  • Use elements of characterization, such as appearance, unique actions or gestures, manner of speaking, and disposition, to describe your teacher.

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