This Week’s Writing Prompt

That’s a wrap! School-aged children across the country are celebrating the end of another school year in anticipation of a laid-back summer. The completion of a grade can be a bittersweet time, though, especially if a student bonded with a particular teacher. On the other hand, biding hasta la vista to a less enjoyable teacher is downright liberating.

Did you have a particularly memorable teacher? Write about your teacher in the comments section below.

  • Was this a teacher you liked or barely tolerated? Why?
  • How did he or she act toward you?
  • What was it like saying goodbye to him or her?
  • In what grade and subject did you have this teacher? Remember to include the physical location, time, and other information to anchor your story in time and space.
  • Use elements of characterization, such as appearance, unique actions or gestures, manner of speaking, and disposition, to describe your teacher.

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Nancy Nelson

I have two memorable teachers: one I loved and the other I feared. Miss Matland was my fourth-grade teacher who I adored. She was young, beautiful and always positive. She made teaching so much fun and made every student feel as she favored him or her. I never saw her get angry as she had a way of smoothing over any tense situation. She loved to hear students’ stories and gave us lots of time for show and tell. Then at the end of the year she informed the class she would be getting married and moving away from our… Read more »

Cindie Thomas

My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Sister Leonor Castro. She always had a smile, the most crystal clear blue eyes and always looked for the best in everyone. My home life was a mess and I was told every morning before I left for school, “what happens at home stays at home.” One day at recess Sister Castro spotted me sitting by myself and came over to me. She put her arms around me and gave me a hug and asked me why I looked so sad. The dam broke, the tears came and I let all my… Read more »