This Week’s Writing Prompt

On June 29, we observed International Mud Day, a day to celebrate mud and the fun of getting messy.  What better time of year to commemorate mud’s glory than in summer. Summertime reminds me of mud and long, steamy days playing outside with friends as a child. Life was pretty simple then, as evidenced by our preferred choice of entertainment: dirt and water.

Some days we sank our toes into the cool squishiness of the mud. Other days our creativity took flight when we constructed an entire town of little mud buildings and roads traced in the dirt, populated by several toy cars. A storyline that usually resembled a poorly written soap opera developed as we crafted the sticky blobs into houses.


What about you?

  • What do you remember about mud as a child?
  • Did you like to play in the mud or were you someone who wanted to stay clean?
  • If you liked mud, what did you do with the mud, e.g., make mud pies, mud soup, wrestle in the mud, play in mud puddles, make mud castles or houses?
  • Write about your experience with mud.

Post your responses in the comments sections below.

All posts in response to our writing prompts in July will be entered into our drawing to win a free online coaching video—that’s a $20 value!

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