Happy National Letter Writing Day! It’s time to bring out your loveliest stationary and your favorite pen. It’s time to concentrate fully on communicating to just one special someone. It’s time to think about exactly what you want to say before you say it because, with a pen, there’s no cut and paste function.

For today’s writing prompt, I’d like you to simply write a letter. You can tuck your letter into one of your Christmas cards, hand deliver your letter to someone nearby, or mail it to someone you miss. You can even write a letter to someone from your past you’ll never see again, a person who meant something special to you, or someone you hope to meet in the future–a future spouse, a future child, a future employer.

Letters are wonderful tools to help connect with someone and get you started writing special life you may share with your letter’s recipient. Letters give you an automatic audience. They infuse a sense of warmth and purpose into your writing because it’s directed to someone you know. Letters remove the pressure to write perfectly crafted prose.

Do you write letters regularly, or has email, text messaging, and phone calls made letter writing a virtually foreign experience for you these days? Let me know your thoughts about letter-writing in the comments below and read this article about National Letter Writing Day. Then, head to your desk, light a candle, and pen a letter to someone you love from your past, present, or future.

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