The Third Thursday Writing Workshop at the Winter Park Library has a new purpose. Beginning this month on Thursday, October 18th, the workshop will combine instruction and writing in response to prompts designed to trigger memories. I am so excited about this new format because participants will obtain direction and guidance in writing the stories of their lives without the required commitment to an ongoing class.

Each month, the first ninety minutes of the workshop will focus on some aspect of writing—how to tap into memories, adding detail and description, portraying people, writing dialogue, creating attention-grabbing titles and so forth. The classes run independently of each other, so if you can’t attend one month, you won’t be at a disadvantage.

The second ninety minutes of the class will work like the typical writing workshop. I’ll bring in prompts sure to stir up long-forgotten memories and then give you a few minutes to begin writing. The prompts will be designed to help you practice skills you learned in the first half of class.

So, doesn’t that sound like a winning combination? It’s a chance to learn and write at the same time. The class size is limited, and I believe there is going to be a great deal of interest in this new workshop, so if you’d like to try it out, don’t delay.

Click here to register for October’s Third Thursday Writing Workshop at the Winter Park Library.


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