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Winter Fun

This Week’s Writing Prompt

What was winter like for you as a child? What thrilling adventures do you recall?

Maybe you grew up in an area where winter meant snow and fun: skiing, sledding, snowball fights, making snow angels, building a snowman, and ice skating.

Or, maybe you lived someplace where it felt like summer all year long. If the weather was moderate, you might have enjoyed the same activities you would in summer, like playing on the beach or eating outdoors. However, you may have also done a few things unique to the winter months, like orange or strawberry picking, camping, hiking, boating, or viewing wildlife.

Write about a winter experience you enjoyed as a child. If your winters did not include snow or a cold climate, describe an activity typical of where you lived. In addition to sharing about your winter fun, paint the picture of where you were. Situate yourself and your story within the place it happened. Bring the reader into your story using all of the senses.

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