Writing Your Life began producing weekly newsletters about two months ago, and I recently posted a survey to see what you all thought about them. The survey results were helpful and informative, and I thought I’d share what I gleaned from them. Are you curious? I was, too.

First, I asked how often you would like to receive the newsletters, as I was worried that weekly would be too frequent, while monthly didn’t feel frequent enough. I was relieved to see that 56% of you felt that weekly was preferable. I don’t want to burden anyone with too many emails. However, if over half of you prefer regular contact, I’m happy to provide it, and if you feels it’s just too much, skip any newsletters you like and peruse the articles when you have the time.  Also, all newsletter articles can be found on my website under the News tab, so you can always head there at any time to read all newsletter articles at your leisure.

As one member wrote, “This isn’t a suggestion for improvement; it’s only a thumbs-up for encouragement. Keep sending the newsletter! Every one has motivated and informed me.” My whole goal for the newsletter is to keep you motivated and informed. I’m glad that the newsletter is successful in doing that.

Next, I asked about the newsletter’s quality, presentation, and content, and received excellent feedback that I will take to heart. Regarding the newsletter’s content, 78% of responders said the quality was excellent. I will strive to make that number 100%.

I received some great ideas about how to make the content of interest even easier to find within the newsletter. I want to connect you, the reader, with the content you are most interested in as efficiently as possible without having to wade through the rest. I hope to implement an idea or two soon.

Finally, I asked what types of articles were best liked, and though everything received rather high scores, writing tips and information about upcoming classes accounted for 85% and 81%, respectively. I will be sure to keep those coming. I also heard one excellent request for stories about how my students have used what they learned: “For example, someone who writes articles for their genealogy society newsletter or mentors friends and family to help record family stories.” I love that idea!

I appreciate your constructive criticism and the kind encouragement. Don’t feel like you need to read all the articles every week. The newsletters are provided to keep you abreast of upcoming Writing Your Life events and to share with this wonderful community the books I find or the people I encounter who inspire me and, thus, may inspire you.

Thank you to all who took the time to respond. Your answers will help me do the best job I can to keep you encouraged and motivated as you write your important life stories. This survey response to the newsletter warmed my heart, “Just right as it is: informative, enjoyable, and a connection with Patricia that is invaluable.”

I find the connection with you invaluable, as well.

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