Nick Cave Exhibition Artist Talk

Thursday afternoon, I had the great pleasure of walking through the Orlando Museum of Art’s (OMA) latest exhibit, Nick Cave: Feat, and hearing the artist talk about his work. I’ll be using one of Nick Cave’s sculptures as part of the Art as a Pathway to Memory four-session writing workshop this coming Saturday, September 15 from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

We still have seats available, so reserve yours now. You can attend individual sessions or sign up for the series at a discounted price and receive a free copy of my book, Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time. Your registration fee also includes free entry into the museum where you can visit Nick Cave: Feat and all OMA’s amazing exhibits.

Nick Cave’s work is a feast for the senses and the memory, and many of his pieces are treasure troves of triggers just waiting to take you back to another time and place. Today, as the group of OMA docents and I gathered around each work, Nick explained how he uses found objects, ones that have been discarded, which he reimagines in new and unique ways.


Nick described how each year he rents a truck and travels across the country, stopping at flea markets and antique malls all along the way, looking for items that speak to him. These objects include everything: beads, sock monkeys, toys, figurines, potholders, tin can lids, ceramic birds, buttons, doilies, metal flowers, crocheted afghans, macramé, beaded baskets, and so much more. “You would think I’m a hoarder, but I’m not,” Nick said.


David Matteson, Associate Curator of Education & Outreach and creator of the Writing in the Galleries program at OMA, will provide insight into the art as we use it to guide us in probing our memories.

You don’t need to know anything about art or writing to join in the fun of the Art as a Pathway to Memory workshop, but I promise, you’ll leave knowing a little bit more about both. I hope to see you on Saturday.

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