Writing Your Life's Author Showcase

We held our first-ever Author Showcase on Saturday, November 9, and featured eight Writing Your Life published authors; we missed you Becky McGregor. Festive decorations and yummy food welcomed the authors and their families and friends, longtime WYL class members, and people interested in writing their life stories. Our lively audience celebrated the featured authors’ work and left inspired to write their own stories.

Thank you again to the authors who participated and all who attended. It was such a fantastic day that we plan to make it an annual event, so mark your calendars for Saturday, November 14, 2020, for the Second Annual Writing Your Life Author Showcase!

Check out the event photo gallery here.

Spiritual Memoir workshop at The Book Loft of Amelia

Last week, Bob and I took a road trip north to one of my favorite towns—Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida.

My Spiritual Memoir workshop, hosted by The Book Loft on Centre Street in Fernandina Beach, introduced a group of women to this unique sub-genre of memoir. They discovered a dozen different ways to write spiritual memoir and how to get started writing their own. Thanks, Lynne Mixson for driving all the way from Orlando to be a part of the workshop.

The Book Loft is supposedly haunted by Katherine, a woman who died young and is looking for a key of some sort to cross over to the other side. Read more about Katherine in this article I wrote when I first learned about her.

Since we were learning about spiritual memoir, it was only fitting that one person have a supernatural experience that day. Before the workshop began, Jeanette Dougherty felt a strong tap to the back of her head. “Is there a ghost in here, or did I just get hit by a huge bug?” she asked, knowing nothing about Katherine.

“Yes, a ghost does live here, and I’m so excited she joined us today,” I said.

Jeanette took Katherine’s tap as a spiritual slap to the back of the head and encouragement to start writing her story.

The Enrichment Academy classes times two

Life Story Writers Studio and Write Your Life, my last two classes for 2019 at The Enrichment Academy in The Villages, wrapped up at the end of October. I had the privilege of meeting and writing with some fantastic people there this year, and I look forward to exciting new classes coming in 2020.


Touring Amazon

Bob and I took a detour in Jacksonville, Florida, while en route to Fernandina Beach to tour the Amazon shipping warehouse. It was awesome! It is mind-boggling what Amazon does and how they get it done in this 880,000-square-foot facility.

Artificial intelligence runs the entire place. Workers don’t even need to think about the length of tape they need to close a box. It’s cut automatically based on the size of the box, which they are also directed to use.

Robots bring racks of bins filled with an assortment of products to workers at packing stations. I thought all items would be neatly organized by category in the racks. Not so. Products are placed in available space in each bin, all figured out by programs and communicated to the workers with pictures and lighted markers. Amazing.

Bob worries about AI taking over the world, and while he loved seeing the Amazon process, it certainly fed his suspicion.

I scanned every rack that went by, looking for one of my five-year journals to no avail, but I’m positive they are there.

For obvious reasons, Amazon would not allow us to take photos inside the facility but set up a booth at the end of the tour where we took this shot.

I believe Amazon is doing some serious public relations work with television and online ads and these tours. If you’d like to visit a facility near you, click here.

Five-Year Journal flock

Do you know how far our flock of Five-Year Journals has flown in the last three weeks? It has been amazing to see them soar around the globe to Israel, Kuwait, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia as well as forty-six of the Unites States and Washington, DC!

Come on, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, and New Hampshire—let’s make it an even fifty. Put in an order for your five-year journal.

Where can we send a journal for you? It’s holiday shopping season; consider giving the unique gift of Five-Year Journals to your family and friends this holiday season!

Peggy Best, silver award at FWA

Peggy Best’s memoir, Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter (March 2019), won a silver medal in the memoir and autobiography category of Florida Writers Association’s 2019 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition. Way to go, Peggy! Thanks for the opportunity to edit and publish your wonderful book.

Focus on This podcast

If you’ve talked to me for more than five minutes in the last few years, you know I am a shameless devotee of Michael Hyatt & Company. Michael Hyatt is a best-selling author, speaker, and podcaster on leadership, planning, and goal setting.

Thanks to his guidance, I have learned about and put into action so many practical tools in my effort to work smarter, lead my team more effectively, and deliver better services to our clients.

One such tool is his custom-designed Full Focus Planner, which I’ve used faithfully for almost two years now. After years of searching, I finally found a scheduler, task manager, and goal-measuring tool that works for me.

Recently, I was a guest speaker on one of Hyatt’s podcasts, “Focus on This,” to share my experience using the Full Focus Planner. What a privilege! Check out episode eleven here.

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