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Lezlie Laws

Charlene Edge and I (and probably countless others) have published books today because of the inspiration and instruction provided by Lezlie Laws, retired professor of writing at Rollins College.

Even though Lezlie no longer teaches writing, you can still sit at her writing table with her recently released book, Twelve Doors: Writing for Pleasure, Self-Expression, and Insight. The book promises:

The provocative prompts of writer Lezlie Laws and alluring photography of artist Julie Dunsworth combine to propel the practicing writer into self-exploration, vivid language, and strong storytelling. While each prompt is useful as a free-standing exercise, the author has created a sequence that moves the practitioner deeper into the creation of compelling character and strong scene.  

Also, her introduction provides ways for using the prompts as a focus for a personal retreat or as a daily practice to mine stories from individual experience. She calls upon the arts, the Buddhist tradition, and mindfulness practices to attune the writer to strong visual imagery and deep appreciation of both the beautiful and the troublesome qualities of human nature. 

9781939472236-Laws-12Doors_final cover.inddTwelve Doors is instructive as well as inspirational and presented in Lezlie’s characteristic style of giving a little nudge followed by lots of encouragement and celebration. The words she weaves together in such beautiful ways are reflected visually through the artwork of Julie Dunsworth, using images that draw you deeper into possibility.

After the many years of help I received from Lezlie, I felt thrilled to support her by publishing Twelve Doors through LifeStory Publishing. Thank you, Lezlie. It has been my honor and privilege to take your words and showcase them in this beautiful book.

Give yourself a gift this holiday season and purchase a copy of Twelve Doors by Lezlie Laws.

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