The books of William Zinsser, noted journalist and professor, have been a profound teacher for me along my writing journey. His words provide insight as well as inspiration, and I routinely return to my Zinsser collection time and time again.

In Writing About Your Life, Zinsser states, “One of the pleasures of writing a memoir is to repay the debts of childhood.” He goes on to talk about the people who gave him what he needed to succeed. So let’s write about such a person in your life.

Newsletter_thankyoupicWho is someone you owe a debt of any kind to? Who was this person to you–a relative, a friend, a teacher, someone passing through your life? What did he/she do for you? How did what he/she gave you affect your life? Take this opportunity to repay a debt, and comment below to give this person even more credit by sharing it with us.

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