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This Week’s Writing Prompt: Your Musical Moment

Elton John once said, “Everyone has a musical moment.” This week, I want you to write about yours. What is a musical moment you have enjoyed?

You could write about a time when you played music or a particular moment when you heard music that changed you forever. Maybe you attended a concert you’ll never forget. Write about a musical moment you recall to this day.

Please post your prompt response in the comments section below for us all to enjoy.

photo credit: VikramDeep Chords via photopin (license)

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    Posted October 23, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Late Fall ’69. 304 Sparks Building. The studios of WDFM, the College Radio Station at Penn State.
    A radio control room is safe space for a control freak. Sophomore year, I was an A+ Student with a Type A personality, sensitive, introverted, and socially insecure. Radio allowed me to be charming and daring between records, saying funny things within the station’s music format with double entendre meaning that masked yet vented deep social anxiety.
    My shift was 6a-10a on Saturdays when Happy Valley was readying to attend the Church of Penn State Football at Beaver Stadium or preparing the Eucharist to watch Away Games on TV. Sparks Building was notoriously deserted then, its quiet serenity the perfect playground for a creative outlier.
    One unforgettably frigid morning, an apparition appeared through the cigarette smoky hue of the soundproof studio windows. Wearing thrift store winter chic, a co-ed held up a small paper bag. I didn’t recognize her from classes or campus and predating Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver, I checked if someone stood behind me. I mouthed back “You Talking to Me?” Non-verbally she replied, shaking the bag for emphasis. Curiously, I opened the heavy soundproof door.
    “Been listening; you’re funny. Brought you coffee and donuts; sounded like you could use some”.
    Her generosity startled me. “I can’t eat that while I’m on the air” I stammered and counterintuitively, my radio personality interjected, “but I’m off at 10”. “Cool” she replied, “I don’t have anything till 3rd period class”.
    I ended the shift playing “Venus,” by the Shocking Blue and watched her lip synch the lyrics “I’m your Venus, I’m your Fire, At Your Desire”.
    The apparition loved music, listened to radio and even thought I was funny.
    She became a Rock and Roll Girlfriend who, like the song, was a brief one hit wonder. But, what a monster hit!

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