Liberty Goetsch

Recently, Liberty and I met to discuss her life story and commit her unique experiences to paper. With help from her supportive husband Gary, she recently began writing and wanted help.

Liberty grew up in Cyprus and came to the United States under less-than-ideal circumstances but has created a beautiful life here, made complete with two wonderful daughters, a husband who is the love of her life, and a perfect granddaughter.

Gary and Liberty Goetsch
Gary and Liberty Goetsch

Now, she wants her family to know about how she grew up in Cyprus, the challenges she faced there, and how she has risen above many difficulties to have the life she has today.

The story Liberty tells is rich with the culture of Cyprus—how to make Greek coffee and baklava, working on her grandparents’ farm and traveling to visit relatives by donkey, helping her industrious mother with her knitting business, and much more. She then writes in detail about how her life unfolded in the United States. About this project, Liberty says:

The reason I’m writing the book is to make sure my kids, grandkids, and friends get to know a little bit about where I came from. My background is so different than what most anyone here in the US has experienced in their lives. Also, I’m hoping that Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover [Liberty’s working title] gives everyone a new outlook in life.

Liberty’s experiences remind me how unique our lives are and how each person has a different but equally important story to tell. I hope you will take a moment and consider giving your family the great gift of your life story. 

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