Navy Five-Year JournalThe year is still young, and now is a great time to begin keeping a five-year journal. At the beginning of January, I heard from so many people, telling me how glad they were to have written in their journals throughout 2015. Now, on a daily basis, they are able to see what each day of last year held for them.

DSC04155It’s not too late to begin recording 2016. I thought you might like to try keeping a five-year journal for a few days, just to see what it’s like, so here are pages for January 25th through February 7th that you can print out and use to write about your days: Five-Year Journal pages. If you enjoy the process, order a five-year journal of your own and simply paste or tape in the pages you’ve written. It’s kind of like taking a test drive.

One way to consistently write in your journal is to add it to an already existing routine, e.g., just before bedtime, while eating your breakfast, during your lunch break, etc. If you’re not sure about what to include in your five-year journal, read these possibilities. Happy writing!

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