Village on the Green Writers 6.11.13

Seated: Nancy Miller, Pat Howard
Standing: Nancy Sigler, Carl Miller, Anne Blair, Sandy Gonzalez

At our first workshop of a summer program, six brave participants (who didn’t realize they would actually be writing at our first meeting), stepped up to the challenge of writing on the spot. We talked about focusing on a specific moment rather than writing general stories. It’s easier to write and more interesting to read when you bring a small picture to life.

The prompts for our first class focused on the firsts in their lives:

Your first pet
Your first crush
The first prize you won
Your first car

Carl wrote about the time he and his dad bought an old car a farmer used as a chicken – slowly they got the car all fixed up and in running condition
Sandy wrote about winning an award for the model airplanes he built

It was a lovely group and I look forward to our next session, Tuesday, July 9th.

*   *   *

“I enjoyed your class so very much and look forward to the next one. What fun!” –  Comments by Anne Blair

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