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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Best Friends Forever

The phrase Best Friends Forever has been floating around for a while now, and it got me to thinking about some good friends who have been in my life for as long as I can remember. The friends you had as a child or teenager know you in a way that no friends from your adulthood can know you. The freedom and extent to which we interact with others when we’re kids is unique to that period of our lives.

The Internet has made it so that you can be in touch with people who you haven’t seen or spoken to in years, maybe decades, and maybe even a whole lifetime. We no longer have to rely on High School Reunions to catch up with our old friends, because most of them are right in front of us on Facebook, thanks in large part to their kids’ or grandkids’ influence.

Today, let’s write about some memories of our best childhood friends. Draw up a portrait of your friendship in some specific way: it could be a particular outing or experience you lived through together, it could be about how you met and became friends, or how you had to say goodbye to them. Have you kept in touch? Have you been reunited? Have you never seen or heard from them again? Has social media introduced you to someone you used to know?

Share your memories with us in the comments!

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