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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Loss

The past few months have been so filled with tragedy on such a massive scale, it’s hard to process it all on a personal level. One event in particular punctuated a series of losses for me, and it’s not one of the big ones featured on the evening news.

I learned the other day that a man I had met recently — a vivacious, charming, happy, and clearly in-love 40-something — died suddenly in a car accident. There is nothing that anyone can say to his lovely girlfriend, his friends, or his family to ease the incredible shock and pain of his passing. Grief strikes in the most unexpected ways, at the most unanticipated moments, and we are rendered completely powerless — except, of course, for our words.

Writing has the unique ability to serve as an outlet, a cathartic release, a sponge for our emotions, fears, and traumas. Every therapist and life coach in existence will tell you that journaling is a fantastic way to work through the really tough spots in life — and I definitely believe that to be true.

For a personal challenge today, revisit a wound, new or old — remember someone dear to you that you lost unexpectedly — and just write about their passing. Write about the how and why, but focus in mostly on your experience of the situation; focus on your own trauma and grief. If you have time, spend about 20 minutes on this one. It may open up doors for you to write about other things that you feel very deeply as well, but about which you have never dared to write.

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