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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Summer!


Memorial Day is coming up next week, marking an unofficial start to Summer. Here in Florida, we already have our air conditioners on full blast and can hit the pool any day of the week, but where you live might be just starting to get comfortable outdoors.

As a long-time Florida resident, I’ve learned to dread the impending oppressiveness, and I long for the joy that so many other people find in Summertime: a time of freedom, barbecues, outdoor concerts, gardening, and camping.

What does Summer mean to you? Do you look forward to it? Do you loathe or long for the heat and humidity? Did Summer represent something different to you as a kid? Write about Summer, in all its glory, for 10 minutes. Chances are good it’ll spark some specific memories. Focus in on those. Bask in the warmth!

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