Wednesday Writing Prompt: Moving


Timothy Noah wrote an article this week for Washington Monthly about the fact that Americans are less and less frequently migrating from state to state, and in fact the rate of interstate moves is down at its lowest rate in more than 30 years. Florida has always been a more transient state, a place where people seem to move into and out of so frequently, so it’s interesting to consider the possibility that more of us will likely be staying put in the years to come.

Many of you, like me, are not native Floridians–but we all have a story to tell about how we ended up where we are. Think about why you left the place you were in previously. Whether your move was inspired by the prospect of going to something, or the need to get away from something. This week, write for 8 minutes about moving. Include where, when, and why, and as many details as you can recall. Start now!

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