While the 4th of July’s historical importance is significant, the spirit with which the holiday is infused is what makes it truly special. Americans are proud of their heritage, proud of the struggles of our fledgling nation, proud of the brand of democracy we employed at our outset, but more than anything, Americans love to claim that we exemplify freedom and all the benefits that go along with it.

So today, in honor of Independence Day, drink some lemonade, light something on fire with hopes that it explodes, and write for 10 minutes about a time in your life where you have felt truly free. It may be that you’ve felt the impact of America’s freedom and you’d like to honor that personal connection to July 4th this week, but it’s more likely that your most pointed memories of feeling free have to do with growing up, exploring new and breathtaking nature, or traveling somewhere exotic. You may find that after you’ve recalled your own experience of personal freedom, that you actually do relate to the new freedoms early Americans experienced setting out on their own exotic journeys to the New World.

Happy Independence Day!

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