Electronic_Editing_A copyWhat is electronic editing? How would I use it? I’m not great with the computer. Is this something I can do?
All great questions that deserve equally good answers.

I obtained my first paid writing gig in 1971 when I was fourteen years old, which launched me on a quest for error-free text. Following a few detours in the writing business, I ended up with a twenty-eight-year career in the information technology (IT) side of mortgage banking. I ultimately found my way back to the blank page and began looking for ways to add objectivity to the editing process. I naturally turned to technology, as I had done for so many years in resolving issues, to confront the subjective nature of editing my text.

I began to search for various software packages to help root out overused words and phrases, identify improperly used words, pinpoint missing words, call attention to my use of adverbs and cliches, and so forth. Over the years, I combined several software packages to do all the checks mentioned above plus a whole lot more. The use of these programs in a systematic manner is what I’ve dubbed as electronic editing, and now I want to share my method with you.

The four-week Electronic Editing program begins on Tuesday, March 15th, and in it, you learn:

  • how to systematically edit your work using technology
  • how to use multiple software programs to create cleaner text
  • how to easily personalize MS Word
  • and much, much more

Each week, you receive access to several videos that walk you through the process of electronically editing your work along with notetaking outlines, handouts, worksheets, and so forth. You are able to watch these videos at your leisure as many times as you’d like for six full months.

In addition, you are invited to participate in three, sixty-minute Q&A calls where you receive helpful answers to all your questions. You are also entitled to a thirty-minute, one-on-one counseling session to address any writing issues or topics of your choice.

If sold separately, the price of the Electronic Editing program would exceed $800, but this package sells for only $147. Reserve your spot in the next Electronic Editing coaching program, which begins on Tuesday, March 15th. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact me at patricia@writingyourlife.org.

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