Writing in the Galleries: Art as a Pathway to Memory

How can visual art stimulate memories of our life’s experiences? Then, how do we best capture the recollections that arise?

Join me at the crossroads of art and memory as we experience works in the Orlando Museum of Art galleries, and use them to add life, color, and texture to your stories. Fill your writer’s palette with tools that help you write vivid description that will engage your senses and make people and places live and breathe. Examine the brush strokes of good storytelling and have a lot of fun doing it!

We will meet at the museum,10 a.m. – noon, Saturdays, September 15th, September 29th, October 13th and/or October 27th. You can attend the entire series (all four sessions) for just $90, which includes a copy of my book, Eating an Elephant: Writing Your Life One Bite at a Time, or attend individual sessions for $25 per session. Museum Members receive a 10% discount on tuition. Each session will include both a gallery experience and a writing exercise centered around memoir.

Writing in the Galleries: Art as a Pathway to Memory will help you discover your personal narrative and unlock your creative potential. Register today!

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