Writing Prompt: A Thanksgiving Hullabaloo

Everyone has or knows of a Thanksgiving disaster story. Sooner or later, some kind of holiday hullabaloo occurs. Maybe it’s that time the turkey was dropped. Or the time when crazy Uncle Ed wore the clown suit and all of the toddlers screamed. Or that time the refrigerator blew out.

My assistant, Amanda, told me about the first time she ever hosted her own “grown-up” Thanksgiving. Her husband invited his boss, his wife, and their two children, who had recently moved into town. Just as the turkey and all the fixings came out of the oven, the boss’s little boy fell and broke his arm on the swing set. Off to the ER went the mom and boy; cold went the Thanksgiving dinner. Awkward!

What’s your story? Is it horrifying, hilarious or heartbreaking? What happened? Who was there and where was it? Dish up all the details. We would love to hear about your Thanksgiving mayhem.

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