I love lists.

I love scratched-up lists, ones painted with rainbows of circles, check marks, and long lines crossing every item off, the paper wrinkled from the various directions I have folded it throughout the day. I enjoy my pot of gold at the end of such a list because I feel accomplished—my time spent purposely. I am accountable.

Great writers make themselves accountable. Great writers finish their lists. This month’s writing prompt comes from page thirty-three of my multi-award winning book, Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time.

Bite #36

        Describe This

Try this. Make a list of similes you could use to describe an undisciplined little boy. Write down those clichés that have already popped into your head just to get them out of the way. Now, think about what original images you could use to describe how bad this kid is. Don’t hold back. Write each one on your pad of paper. You will likely throw most of them away, but one may ring true and bright.

The little boy was as bad as…

                        The bad little boy was like…

Ready? Go!


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