We’ve been experiencing some gorgeous days in Central Florida recently–sunny, cool with a soft breeze and no humidity–and it sparked the thought in me about how everyone’s perfect day is unique. So, let’s write about your perfect day. What does a Rainbow Over Lake Fairview perfect day look like to you? Paint a picture for us. Allow us to see this perfect day, smell it, hear it, feel it. Tell us who might be with you. What might you be doing? What makes this an ideal day for you?

My husband Bob and I have the great fortune to live in a second-floor condo overlooking a large, beautiful lake, and I experience many perfect days here. For me, a perfect day includes a sense of surprise and wonder and someone to share it with and that scenario happens most for me in the world of nature.

After awakening to a glorious sunrise, always beautiful, always different, I make my way to my desk that faces the lake. Every day, many visitors stop by, especially during our warm, winter months. Kingfishers rifle through the air with their machine-gun calls. Painted wood ducks and hooded mergansers glide across the lake’s surface with beauty and grace.

Pelicans on the LakeA couple of days ago, a hundred or more large, white pelicans descended on the lake to feed and rest.

Otter families pass through regularly. Endangered wood storks drop in daily.

Flocks of waterbirds I’ve never been able to identify dive beneath the surface for their next meal and cause a racket when they take off en mass, walking on the water before catching air. Brown pelicans soar through the skies and plunge into the water from such great heights; I’m always relieved to see them bobbing on the surface, enjoying their hard-earned meals.

At times, when a large, dead fish washes up on our little beach, nature’s clean-up crew–twenty to thirty or more black and turkey vultures–arrive Vultures on Lakeand perform a public service. Ospreys eye life beneath the lake’s surface and splash down to pluck an unsuspecting fish from its watery world. I love to watch as they shake midair like a dog to rid their feathers of excess water. One particular osprey comes to our shoreline every afternoon to take a bath in the shallow, warm water.

Catching a glimpse of a majestic bald eagle adds delight to my day as it patrols the sky and then sits high atop a nearby cypress tree with regal composure.

If my husband is not nearby to enjoy the sight with me, I take a photo and send it to him, and I text my friend a couple of doors down to take a look at the latest miraculous sight in our backyard.

I’m blessed to enjoy many perfect days, right from my writing perch, with a pair of good binoculars.


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