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Tag: Writing Prompt

National Waffle Day

I've been eating mostly lobster, lately, and haven't had any waffles. Have you had waffles recently? If not, you should, because today, August 24th, is National Waffles Day! Food memories tend to stick strongly in our minds, don't they? The act of eating is so full of all five senses. Just thinking about waffles, you hear and feel the slight crunch of the toasty outside as you take a bite. You may imagine the sight of sticky, drippy syrup puddling into the waffle's squares. You think about the sweet, buttery, bready taste and, oh, the smell of waffles cooking! There's nothing like it.

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July 2016 Writing Prompt

My friend Cory alerted me to an article in the Wall Street Journal I found intriguing. A newspaperman for more than fifty years in Haverhill, Massachusetts, wrote what he called “probably the most important story of my life.” His obituary. Now, seventy-five-year-old Tom Vartabedian urges other people to not “leave it to chance” and have…

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Let’s Dance

Was dancing a part of your growing up years? What did you like about dancing? What were some of your favorite songs of styles of music to dance to? Where did you dance? Did you dance at house parties, sock hops, teenage centers? How good of a dancer were you? Where did you learn to…

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Writing prompt for March 2016

We've been experiencing some gorgeous days in Central Florida recently--sunny, cool with a soft breeze and no humidity--and it sparked the thought in me about how everyone's perfect day is unique. So, let's write about your perfect day. What does a perfect day look like to you? Paint a picture for us. Allow us…

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