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Don’t Make Your Descendants Research You and Other Workshops

The 21st Central Florida Family History Conference in Orlando is this weekend, and I am excited. I haven’t spoken at this event before, and here I am with four workshops to present.

In last week’s newsletter, I wrote about the first two workshops on Saturday morning.

This week, I wanted to tell you about the two afternoon workshops I’m giving. Right after lunch, join me for Don’t Make Your Descendants Research You, and hear about the many ways you can preserve your life stories. More importantly, you’ll hear about why you should preserve them. I’ll tell you how to get started and how to get the help you need.

I also close out the day with my final session called Put Some Meat on Dem Bones. You’ve researched your ancestor. You’ve written his or her story. Still, it falls a bit flat. In this workshop, I’ll help you put your story into historical context. I’ll help you tie the present to the past and help you make inferences that will bring your story to life and make it more relevant to your readers.

Now, if those topics don’t scratch your itch, you have eleven or twelve other choices every hour. You are bound to find just what you need. Register now for only $35. You can’t beat that price.

I hope to see you there.

photo credit: goforchris Mystery group via photopin (license)

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