Kicking off the conference last Friday night with an instructor dinner

Last Saturday, I enjoyed the company of 350 people eager to research and write their family stories at the 21st Annual Central Florida Family History Conference. I gave four workshops alongside many other fabulous speakers. I enjoyed meeting all of those who came to one of my workshops or came by my Writing Your Life table.

Congratulations go out to my five event prize winners who will each receive a free video from my Video On Demand program to start her writing library: Barbara Ragusa, Suzanne Meik, Anjanette Mercer, Linda Thompson, and Kristal Reed. I look forward to hearing how it helps them take the next step in their writing journey.
If you haven’t begun creating your own writing library, I encourage you to do so. To look at the wide selection of video topics available to you in the new Video On Demand program, click here. You can get started for as little as $19.95.
Helpers extraordinaire – Amanda Benson (left) and Carole Mayback (right), doing a great job of providing attendees with books and information.


I met people this weekend who, like you, want to put their memories down on paper for future generations to enjoy. I met people who want to interview their family members about their lives while they still can. I met people who want to write, but just can’t seem to find the time or aren’t sure where to start. I love reviewing conference comment cards and read that people were inspired to start writing in a five-year journal, create a family timeline or, most importantly, “start writing,” “write ten minutes a day,” “get my ideas on paper,” and “just do it!” Those comments helped me know that I did my job.

I hope that my presentations helped them, even a little bit, and I hope I can help you to get writing, too.

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