Chic-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day

I know you’ve been waiting for this all year. You’ve been counting down the days. You’re prepared and ready to go. Well, wait no more. The big day has arrived. Tomorrow is Chic-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day. Here’s your chance to go out in public dressed like a cow–haven’t you secretly always wanted to do that–and get rewarded for it. What a deal!

Tomorrow, Friday, July 13th, Chic-fil-A will reward anyone who comes into any of its 1,600 restaurants nationwide dressed completely, head to hoof, like a cow with a free meal. Partially dress up as a bovine and receive a free entree.

I have it from personal experience–well not personal but third-hand experience–that last year’s Cow Appreciation Day was quite the event. Even if you don’t dress up, it will be a great day to have lunch at Chic-fil-A and watch the roundup. But go ahead, let your inner-bovine out and moo with the best of them. To find out more about celebrating this day, check out Cow Appreciation Day on Chic-fil-A’s website.

What does this have to do with writing? Absolutely nothing, but think about all the memories this might bring up for you to write about–the best steak you ever had, wearing costumes, doing something outlandish but fun, childhood experiences with cows. If you participate in Cow Appreciation Day, send me your photos and your stories.


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